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They walk down the street towards the headquarters of the Blue Boys, the ex-GCPD cops who where still working together under Gordon. Petit leads, as he always does, Huntress and the rest of the boys just behind. Today's mission is to capture Two Face, currently in the 'custody' of Gordon's Blue Boys. It's the latest in a string of increasingly odd orders from Petit and Helena is starting to question the mans authority and his sanity.

When they reach the steps up to the building, the door opens and a woman emerges. Helena's breath catches as she recognises who it is. Intellectually Helena knew Renee had to be here in the city somewhere, but after so long without a sight of her she'd almost stopped expecting to see her on the street. Renee's expression is hard and determined as she warns Petit's men to back down. Helena has never seen anyone stand up to Petit like that but she knows that he won't take kindly to it.

When he pulls out the gun and threatens to shoot Renee, Helena takes a step forward - Petit be damned, Renee is her friend and Helena won't let a mad man hurt her - but she doesn't move quick enough.

Batman gets there first.

In the commotion caused by Batman suddenly dropping into the street, no one even notices Helena's attempt to intervene.

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