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Dooley Square. Midnight. Anyone out this late at night in the No Man’s Land is almost certainly looking for trouble.

The unfortunate man who has just had his ass handed to him was certainly asking for trouble when he started trying to break into homes to steal supplies. By trying to steal from homes in Batgirl’s territory he got more trouble than he was expecting.

The man shrinks away from the leather clad figure towering above him.

“Go,” she commands as he crawls backwards away from her.

“Don’t ever come back here, or face the wrath of the Bat.” As intimidation goes it’s a bit inelegant for Helena’s liking, but it does the job.

“I -- I -- I’m gone!” he stutters, finally getting back to his feet and running off into the night.

Helena watches him go.

‘Face the wrath of the Bat’? Even HE doesn't talk like that. Nice one, Helena, next time maybe you can add 'I AM THE GODDAMN BATGIRL' in case they don't get the point...

“Nice costume,” a familiar voice growls from the shadows behind her, shaking out of her reverie.

“I didn’t think you’d approve,” she says dryly.

“I don’t.”

“You haven’t been around. And Gotham needed a Bat.” Her tone is sharp and accusatory.

“My previous whereabouts and my reasons are my own.”

“Whatever. You’re gonna need help.”


“Yes!” she insists. “You just Don’t know it yet.”

“I sent my other partners away,” he says patiently. “It’s too dangerous. I didn’t want the responsibility for what might happen. What they might become.”

And here Helena has a rare understanding of the man with whom she has spent so much time at odds with.

“Of course. A city without law offers certain ‘behavioural temptations’. But I’ve already been doing this for weeks in your absence and I intend to keep doing it. You have no issue of responsibility with me.”

“And the costume?”

“I don’t have to wear it,” she says, looking down at the costume she made for herself; at the bat on her chest. “ But it’s a powerful image. Primal. Mythical. It works very well. Still, if you tell me to take it off, I will.”

She looks back up at him, daring him to tell her to stop wearing the costume. Despite her words it’ll be hard for her to stop wearing the bat now. Batman however has turned his attention to the yellow bat spray-painted on the wall.

“The tagging... it’s a good idea. I intend to use it.”

“...Thanks,” she says, surprised to hear something akin to praise coming out of his mouth.

“You’re right about one thing... The city does need a Bat.”

“Maybe more than one.”

“Just don’t disgrace the symbol.”

“Then... I’m approved?”

“No,” he says walking away. “But you’re not disapproved.”

“That’s good enough...

For now.”
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