Sep. 4th, 2009

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I could stop their screaming with one bolt. Wouldn't stop a damn thing.

Seven days since Gotham's been left to rot like Gomorrah.

We're better than that. I'm sure of it.

Unfortunately, I've seen noting so far to support that faith.

Been like this since they blew the mainland crossings... Since we were abandoned on "Black Monday."

Now wherever there's food or supplies or anything of use, there's a mob scene.

This is madness!

Text from No Man's Land: Ground Zero
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I hate losing. I hate running away. I don't know what else to do.

They don't fear me. Not like they fear him.

Where is the Batman?

He's all over me when I screw up - when I don't play by his rules - "My city!" he says...

... Never lets me forget it.

So why isn't he here putting the fear of -

Are they roasting a bat?

Text from No Man's Land: Ground Zero

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What this city needs is a symbol.

Something to show the people that they aren't completely alone.

The Huntress can't be that symbol. She's a killer, almost as hated as those she works so hard against.

The old symbol is gone. He abandoned Gotham like the rest of them. He left us to rot.

But I'm still here. I'll become that Bat. Be the symbol that this city needs. Fight the good fight. And I'll save this city from itself.
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Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable.

I didn't need to raise a fist. I didn't need to say a word.

They took one look at me - one look at my shadow - and they ran.


Not my shadow.

Now I get it...

... and I like it.
Text from No Man's Land: Ground Zero
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Xhosa marking territory...

It's not working. They're not running away.

They outnumber me and know it.

I should put this spike in his throat... he'd do it to me... he'd kill me and not blink...

- kill him and not blink...

Why not?

In No Man's Land why -

- not?
Text from No Man's Land: Ground Zero
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Blasted gangs and their tagging...

... another night, another face full of paint.

Dawn soon. Time for the Huntress.

Never mind how stupid I'll look in the mask with my jaw shellacked with paint...

What if someone makes a connection?

What if he makes the connection?

I won't give it up.

He'll have to accept me...

He'll have to...
Text from No Man's Land: Ground Zero


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