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"What am I doing? What am I doing? What. The. Hell. Am I doing?" Helena asks herself as she throws a pile of clothes on to her bed.

Agreeing to a date with Renee had seemed like such a good idea at the time; she'd wanted it, Renee had asked her - which she'd never dreamed in a million years would happen - and she'd a agreed. Now, though, clad only in a towel and with a pile of disregarded outfits strewn across her bed, she isn't so sure.

The very few dates she has been on always end badly - or in bed, which is, in Helena's experience, the same thing.

"There's no way this doesn't end badly," she says sifting through the remaining contents of her wardrobe.

(Too casual; too fomal; .... too ugly. Did I really buy that?)

(Too school teacher; too 'secret identity'.)

She puts the costume down and flops back on to the bed.

Okay, she tells herself. This is Renee. Not some pimply barely out of his teens sleezebag who'll spend the night feeling you up and trying to use you make his ex-girlfriend jealous. You want things to be different? To go right? MAKE them go right.

She sits up and surveys the damage she's inflicted on her clothes.

First things first: find an outfit.

And remember to breathe.


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